2180 Lakeside Point Apartments No. 5 Association, Inc., A Condominium

2180 Lakeside Point Apartments No. 5 Association, Inc., A Condominium

I am back home in FLORIDA where I BELONG. Portland, Oregon was toxic for me and my usual pigheadedness kept me there much too long.

I arrived in Portland on December 1, 2008 because “Portland has the best theater in the United States.” Paula Donnelly, Cornerstone Theater Company

Paula is right, of course - Portland does have the best theater in the country. I feasted on great theater, great music, great literature and great visual arts. Third Rail, Portland Playhouse, S. Renee Mitchell, Devin Phillips, Artist’s Rep, Pink Martini (Storm Large), Esperanza Spaulding, and so much more.

So when I decided to build the Emerson Street House, I was sure that the City of Portland, Oregon would embrace my vision of my home (the Emerson Street House) as a Community Space where EVERYONE BELONGS. Boy was I ever wrong!

Instead I received a notice on July 31, 2018 that the City of Portland Oregon was fining me $1,028.50 a month for the OFFENSIVE signs and for having too many people in my home at the Emerson Street House. AND the City of Portland Oregon was putting a lien on my home. I became PROFOUNDLY DEPRESSED and temporarily ceased to function.


On August 20, 2018, I called the Law Offices of Eric M Sauerberg PA in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. By the end of the day, Freaney & Company LLC, the company I closed down when I officially moved to Oregon, was ACTIVE again and I was back in business in Florida.

Eric completed the Declaration of Domicile Form from the Clerk and Comptroller Palm Beach County (Sharon Bock), e-mailed the form which I took to my Credit Union to have notarized. On August 27, 2018 at 11:30:20, my Declaration of Domicile was officially recorded in Book 30082, Page 1199 in Palm Beach County. I was officially a Florida resident. Quick and easy!

I guess I could have left it at that but I was still not finished with my work. Eric converted Emerson Street House LLC to a Florida Limited Liability Company, and assisted me in closing down Oregon Benefits Companies - The Gallery at the Emerson Street House LLC and Rooted Investing LLC and Oregon Non-Profit, Art for Everyone PDX. None of my Oregon Companies ever had REVENUES. I spent so much time trying to figure out red tape, I never got past the EXPENSE line on the INCOME STATEMENT.

Rooted Investing is now a “Fictitious Name” for Freaney & Company LLC and The Gallery at the Emerson Street House is a “Fictitious Name” for Emerson Street House LLC.

Now I am ready to get to work!